...Arthur White...works so hard to encourage, teach and challenge his students. All of that comes through in this recording, but a crucial element is never overshadowed: FUN! I can hear the joy in the music...”

— John Clayton, OPEN WINDOW liner notes, 8/14

Latest News


Normally, I wouldn't make a big deal about one concert, but, for me, this show coming up is pretty cool...

October 18, 7:30pm, PAC Pavilion at Cal Poly, I'm giving my first faculty recital, and I've got some great people joining me for this concert!

In addition to two of my MERGE brothers, Mark Tonelli and Justin Binek, the great Evan Flory-Barnes is coming down from Seattle to join the band on bass. And, if that weren't awesome enough...

JOE LOCKE and PETER ERSKINE, two of the world's great jazz musicians, will be in residence at Cal Poly, and are joining the band! 

I'm premiering my new composition, the mulit-movement Pictures of the Heartland, this evening, and this band will record this suite for ARC this winter.

To say I'm excited is an understatement!

Tickets are $14 GA, and $9 for CP students - this will be a great show! Come join us!

More later, 


CH-CH-CH-CHANGES, part 2 (Here we go again!) 


Updating this blog is a challenge - man, do I suck at it. Tips?

So, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, or checked out my professional page on FB, you know that I made a major announcement recently. 

I'm moving to Cali! Well, my family, too, of course...

Starting in September 2019, I will be returning to college teaching as an assistant professor, and director of jazz studies, at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly, for short). This opportunity was too good to pass up, and my family and I are adventurous, so we decided to go for it. I'm absolutely THRILLED to work with a fantastic faculty and brilliant students in a community that is just beautiful. It's equidistant between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and drivable to each. I'm nervous and excited to tackle a new gig and explore/join a new music community or two. Plus, I have the greatest family and we're excited to do this together!

There's a MERGE gig or two still lingering before the move, and I'm playing with Boulevard BB, Jim Lower JO, and Tumbao through July. There are still some chances to see me play in KC and Wichita before we load up a truck. The calendar will be updated shortly.

So, into the shed! Check out calpoly.edu to see where I'm going! And, thanks for your love and support!

More later!




I have updated my calendar - new gigs with KC and ICT big bands, in addition to TUMBAO, a killer new salsa band out of the ICT. Also, MERGE gets back to work in April at the Blue Room, as well as the new 424 Jazz Lounge in Leavenworth. Looking forward to hits at the Wichita Jazz and River Festivals, also.

I've been crazy busy lately traveling for residencies at some universities, and writing new music for MERGE and the KC Area Youth Jazz Fellows Octet. BUT, I will get better at this blogging thing!

Looking forward to performing for you soon!


JODY JAZZ Artist! 


First, I'm gonna get better at blogging!

Second, I am so proud to join the JODYJAZZ family as a new endorsing artist! I am grateful to Jody, Colin, Danielle, and the entire team at JODYJAZZ for their faith in me. I'm also grateful to Ryan Richman at EASTMAN for introducing us and saying nice things about me.

It's amazing to be an artist for both of these incredible companies. Check out my my setup, the GIANT 7* and POWER RING ligature on my 52nd St. tenor, at a gig near you!

More soon!


First, I kinda suck at blogging. I need to get better at this!

Second, if you follow me on any social media platform, you know by now that I accepted the position of director of music at Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School in Wichita, KS. It's a return home for my family; Megan and I are both from Kansas, and we are excited to be back. We are less than a mile from her parents, and 90 minutes from my mom. And, Sam gets to grow up near his cousins, which we're really pleased about.

Plus, I have some great students in my new program, and they're motivated to accomplish great things. It's a great fit already. It's COMPLETELY different than anything I've ever done. Maybe that's why I like it so much...

It's been a whirlwind 2018. My dad passed away in January, and my dear aunt (mom's sister) passed away earlier in August. Pretty amazing how important family becomes when they're not here anymore. Additionally, Megan and I both accepted, and started, new jobs in the ICT, while Sam started a new school.

AND, I'm still gigging, writing, and trying like mad to finish my record! The latter has, naturally, become slightly difficult, since I need to head to Columbia and do this...

Still, with everything that's going on, I'm staying active in my career as a musician and composer. I was recently named the inaugural composer-in-residence for the 2019 KC Area Youth Jazz initiative, which will feature talented high school players in the Kansas City area performing my original music. This will culminate in an album, which will be released by ARC in November 2019. TO say that I'm thrilled for this chance is an understatement.

MERGE is going strong. The terrific pianist/singer Justin Binek has joined the band, and I'm stoked. He's an amazing player and person. Mark Tonelli and I are very happy to make music with this guy. I've been working a lot with some great young players in KC: Joey Panella, Daniel Hogans, and Dominique Sanders have been killing it on the bass and drum chairs for a few months. My bro, the great drummer Kevin Rutschmann, is going to play some with us soon, as well.

Change is natural, even if it is scary as hell. Still, I am grateful to get this life to spend with my family, friends, and students.

More soon!




The Boulevard Big Band, in which I play tenor, is returning with a monthly concert at the Westport Coffeehouse Theatre in KC. This is a GREAT space to listen to concerts, and this is a killer band. Come see the band, featuring KC stalwarts like Todd Strait, Roger Wilder, Brad Gregory, Dave Chael, and others. We play every third Wednesday of each month starting January 17, 2018. Showtime TBA.

Also, I have some new 2018 dates up in SHOWS. Come see me with these great big bands, or with MERGE, soon!





I've got my calendar updated for the rest of the year, and it includes some rare gigs in Columbia. I don't play much in town, so it'll be fun to hang with my friends in Norm Ruebling's great rock and soul band with amazing musicians from the area. Also, check out the calendar for MERGE appearances. I've also added some new opportunities coming up in 2018. Can't wait to see you all there!




Hello, friends!

I've moved my website to Bandzoogle, and I love the features this site offers! I'll get a store up and running soon; you'll be able to purchase my big band charts here. Also, keep an eye out for my NEW CD! MERGE went to the studio recently, and the band played so great. I'm really excited to get this way overdue debut of mine to you, and share my music with you, my friends.





I would love to have you at my next show. Be sure to check the information below before hitting the road as dates, times and locations can change. See you there!

Arthur (White) inspires creativity and personal expression from his students, which are the hallmarks of jazz and jazz education.”

— Bobby Watson, May 2007

...greasy, stinky, and just how the music should be played.”

— Chris Murrell, former vocalist, Count Basie Orchestra